It’s not often you see such a sexy collection at DIPINCA. But the idea of being able to create some minimal pieces to go to the beach in, just to feel special at home in, or even combine it with a see-through dress or jeans, was something I wanted to do. And here it is. Without leaving aside our 100% cotton fabrics with decorative lace, now you will feel unique.

Waist culotte: S-M 43cm / M-L 50cm Bra cup: S-M 50cm / M-L 55cm
100% Cotton fabric
It is advised to wash on cold and separately.

The fabric is carefully embroidered. It is advised to take special care with other clothing and accessories that may catch or rub damaging the quality of the product.
Each garment is unique and no two are identical. Any imperfection is a product of the craftsmanship in the making of our pieces.